Officer Killed In Yesterday’s Holocaust Museum Shooting Remembered As A “Gentle Giant”

Via TPM, the Washington Post writers Christian Davenport and Paul Duggan give a fitting sendoff on slain officer Stephen Tyrone Johns.
Colleagues called Stephen T. Johns “Big John,” for he was well over 6 feet tall. But mostly friends recalled the security guard’s constant courtesy and friendliness.

“A soft-spoken, gentle giant,” said Milton Talley, a former employee of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, where Johns was killed yesterday in the line of duty — shot, authorities said, by an avowed white supremacist who entered the museum with a rifle.

The Good Fox Vs. Well, The Regular Fox

Sheppard Smith is the only person on Fixed Propaganda worth a damn. He has shown that since the tragedy of Katrina, and this year, he was fierce on his position that the United States doesn’t torture no matter the circumstances. That was in contrast to almost everyone else on his network calling it “harsh interrogations” and justifying those “harsh interrogations” rhetoric and actions.

Yesterday Smith had another moment of honesty that you don’t see from anyone else at that network during another tragic moment. As the information on James von Bunn came to light, Smith talked about how everyone demonized the now prescient DHS report from April on right-wing extremism and admitted that they were warned:

Though Smith didn’t admit that his network did all the immature whining and ridiculous yapping as they always do, it was still a moment that you could tip your hat to or say “Halelujah!”

You have every right to be in exultation after that, because it certainly did last long on that channel. Especially when you give nutcases like this a forum:

And that, my friends, is the regular Fixed Propaganda.

While TWD Was Silent……..This Has Been Happening on TRONN

Thanks to Jed, here’s photo of the authorities confirming that James von Bunn had an illegal gun. The NRA, of course, has no comment on this, although no one asked them, to be fair:

Crooks and Liars has video of the WHO saying the swine flu is a “pandemic.”

Jane Hamsher over at her site Firedoglake says that Rahm Emmanuel is forcing pork in the conference report titled Cash for Clunkers. Now to make sure things are straight instead of doing Campbell Brown like journalism, Obama never said that pork barrel spending would all be gone. He said that wasteful projects would be cut. But we’ll see, and it looks appears so, that the pork Emmanuel is pushing is wasteful.

David Waldman reports that Joe “Smug” Lieberman got his wish. His amendment stays thanks to some in the House.

Media Matters makes Newt Gingrich look stupid again.

Also, they show that sometimes, Joe isn’t as dumb as he thinks. Well, in terms of political strategy that is

Think Progress shows how stupid and shrill Megyn Kelly is when she at her worst.

And from the many terrific posts from the great Duncan “Atrios” Black, he responses to Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh calling von Bunn, yesterday’s shooter, a “liberal.” Huh?
We’ve spent several years having fundamentalist anti-women anti-gay Muslim extremists being somehow aligned with liberals, and now anti-government anti-Semitic white supremacists are as well.
By that criteria, I guess Limbaugh will soon call Jon Voight, Joe the Pumber, and Pat Buchanan a “liberal” soon.

It’s Official: Roger Simon Is The Dumbest Pundit In Washington D.C.

Conservatives are meant to say some crazy things, but you’ll expect a neutral columnist like Roger Simon wouldn’t.

But after that MySpace quality dreck that he wrote two weeks ago and the last week’s “What the hell were you watching” hit piece on Obama’s Cairo speech (I’m not even going to bother linking it, Simon officially stamps his title as the dumbest pundit in Washington D.C. with this title off his latest masterpiece:

If there was a bachelor’s degree from stupidity, Simon would go well beyond even a magna cum laude. And even more appalling to the eyes is seeing the picture he uses for clinching column for his award:
And with that photo, he brings this up
But you can see why Democrats are nervous. Roland Burris, a political hack, muscled his way into the U.S. Senate by nakedly playing the race card, and now everybody is jumpy about any comments that seem to indicate one race should be favored over another. (Unless it is white people being favored, in which case there is rarely a controversy.)
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, the Burris connection. Simon sees a connection, and you have to see it because they ARE BOTH MINORITIES.

Roger Simon truly has earned this award, and that is saying something in this political landscape. The dumbest pundit in Washington is surly Hackio’s main hack.

The Tragic Fall of Scott Starch

I was never a big fan of Scott Starch. His arrogance made a lot of people angry with him, topped off by calling himself the “Tough Jew” in midst of his senseless and downright dumb battle with mentor Timbaland. Some sort of humility you felt was going to hit hard on him at any time.

You may loathe Storch, but damn, this story from VH1’s Shaheem Reid will make you never wish what has happened to him on anyone. And it is just another reminder of how drugs will ruin your life and everything around you.
It almost seems impossible, but it’s tragically true. Scott Storch squandered $30 million. Not only that, he did it in less than six months.

[It was] unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” the producer’s manager, Derek Jackson, told MTV News of his friend of almost two decade’s monumental fall. “Historical! It was historical without question.”
A prominent reason for all of this: The White Dusk
The abuse of the narcotic almost cost him his career — and his life. Earlier this year, he was arrested for grand theft auto for allegedly failing to return a Bentley he’d leased in 2006. And last year, Storch hit legal trouble after reportedly falling behind on both his child-support payments and his property taxes.
All of this leading to him blowing all of this in half a year
Literally. Storch got addicted to drugs and just stopped caring about his career.

“Scott, I have to be real because, once again, it’s about a story that has to be told,” Jackson said. “We made a lot of money — I mean a lot of money that year [2006]. And Scott — in all honesty — he was broke by January. It was the quickest [loss] of money that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”
There are just certain stories that leave you either speechless or say, “That’s (expletive) up.”

This, without a question, is one of them.

NBA Finals, Lakers vs Magic, Game 4 Thread From Second Quarter On


Photo from
Sheed with the preview
Orlando rediscovered the magic that helped them win the Eastern Conference Finals shooting a NBA Finals record blistering 62.5 percent from the floor and Rafer Alston taking it back to his Rucker Park “Skip to My Lou” carnation awaking from an atrocious shooting slump, dropping 20 points. Yet despite Orlando’s sweltering shooting performance and uncharacteristically poor late game play from Kobe Bryant they still narrowly emerged with a 108-104 victory. Orlando looks to make it a true series and put some major pressure on the Los Angeles, while LA tries to put a chokehold on the series with a Game 4 win.

Los Angeles Lakers

The block is hot

The Orlando Magic have proven to be completely incapable of defending Pau Gasol. The Spaniard sensation scored 23 points on 9-11 from the floor in Game 3 and for the Finals is shooting 62 percent and dropping 21 points a night. Gasol has a height, length and strength advantage over Rashard Lewis and has fried him like McDonald’s chicken select strips. Pau is also too polished and has too vast of an inventory in the post for Dwight Howard to consistently contend with. Pau needs more touches to alleviate the scoring burden off Kobe. As Lil Wayne said in his 1999 smash hit, “The block is hot.” So LA get Pau the rock, get Pau the rock. Rock Rock!

Protect ya hoophood

One of the main reasons Orlando blazed the net for such a high percentage is because the Lakers were out of position. LA didn’t play awful defense by an means. They closed out hard and contested treyballs, limiting Orlando to only 14 three-point attempts. The problem was the Magic made took advantage of the Lakers overzealous closeouts and used that momentum against them to hit open mid range jumpers and get to the rack. LA perimeter players needs to be more conscious of not charging out so aggressively on closeouts. Andrew Bynum, Gasol and Lamar Odom also have to protect the paint and alter and beat driving Orlando players who come to the rack so they don’t have as many breakdowns and surrender easy buckets.

Collectively provide so Kobe can provide

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Kobe Bryant was visibly gassed down the stretch in Game 3. After barbecuing Orlando 2 guards like Johnsonville Brats for 17 first quarter points Bryant cooled off considerably, scoring 14 points the rest of the game on 3-14 shooting. Bryant had 8 dimes, but committed very uncharacteristic turnovers and the normally money free throw shooter missed five throws from the charity stripe. It was a nightmarish anomaly horrible performance ala Magic Johnson in the 1984 Finals against the Boston Celtics. In Game 3 the Black Mamba was the “Black Nada” at crunchtime. Kobe has went through the most grueling, arduous 2 year stretch in NBA history, playing 206 games over the last 2 seasons, and that’s excluding USA Basketball Redeem Team tournaments.

Kobe needs to concede and delegate the rock more to his teammates and guys like Trevor Ariza, Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar have to step up on bust open looks when Kobe gets them the ball. Kobe also needs to not be overaggressive and better utilize Odom and Gasol throughout the game. By getting them more shots, Kobe can better conserve his energy and have the juice and be poison spewing Black Mamba assassin down the stretch. Kobe has to be the facilitating mutilator he was in Game 1

Remain unfrazzled

All things considered, the Lakers are right where they want to be. It took a historic shooting effort for Orlando to beat them in Game 3 and they still barely won. LA should remain unflappable and confident because you can’t expect the Magic to duplicate their torrid shooting. LA just needs to continue to be patient and meticulously execute on the offensive end, continue minimizing Howard’s looks better protect the bucket and not let Magic shooters go crazy from treyland so they can end their NBA record tying 7 game Finals road losing streak.

Orlando Magic

Let me see if can run it

It ain’t hard to tell the Magic are a far better team when they get out in transition. While they can execute in the halfcourt, Orlando is more effective when the get out, push the pill and take advantage of their speed. Rafer Alston and Hedo Turkoglu need to push the pill at every opportunity to attack LA while they’re vulnerable and not get their half court defense set. This frees up Mickael Pietrus and Rashard Lewis to take advantage of their athleticism for easier scoring opportunities. Using secondary breaks to get quick offense is crucial.

Feed the beast

Dwight Howard is only averaging 7.3 attempts per game in the Finals. D-Ho has been very effective in the last two games averaging 18.5 points and 15.5 boards and 3 swats but such a miniscule number of shots is unacceptable. In the first three rounds D-Ho got 12.5 shots a game. Orlando may be predicated on triples, but they need to stay vigilant and not abandon feeding the beast the pill on a consistent basis. The more touches Howard gets the more open looks he’ll create for Turk, Shard, Alston and Courtney Lee when the defense collapses on him. And if Orlando’s hits jumpers it’s easier for D-Ho to punish LA bigs in the paint. Bust the jumpers so the big fella can thump and dunk ya.

Defang the Mamba

The Magic have done a great job of containing Kobe following his 40 point outburst in Game 1. Kobe is averaging 30 points a game which would make you say he’s still roasting them, but Kobe is working much harder to score, thanks to the Magic collapsing defense encamping him more frequently. Pietrus did a superb job making Kobe expend energy goading him into taking difficult shots. Air France also made Kobe work defensively, going for 18 points and 3 steals. Pietrus has to continue to try to put the clamps on Kobe in the clutch and make him pay on offensive for a roaming leaving him unattended.

Keep it simple

Stan Van Gundy has practically erased Shaq’s “master of panic” verbal slap earlier this year with the Magic’s run to the Finals. Van Gundy has proven to be very incisive, consistently diagramming marvelous gems of in-bounds plays and making good strategic adjustments. Yet, his best decision of the playoffs may have been going back to the original formula that got the Magic where they are. Giving Alston extended burn helps the Magic sustain the groove and solidarity. Orlando just needs to stick with the plan. A heavy dose of the league’s dopest pick and roll with Turk and D-Ho, make it rain from the land of plenty, push the rock, play good sound defense and stay loose with mass braswado and nothing to lose.


This is a must win game for both teams. The Magic because they can ill-afford dig themselves out of a 3-1 rut and LA because they don’t want to give Orlando enormous momentum knotting the series at 2. Both crews have responded well under adversity, and the Lakers have won every pivotal road game in the playoffs. It will be another close, exhilarating affair that will be determined down the stretch, but ultimately the Black Mamba’s fury, frustration and focus to gain atonement from Game’s abysmal late game showing. The Mamba will deliver the venomous bite end’s the Magic’s night. Lakers 106-103.

Iranian Elections-Do Some Neo-Cons Want Ahmadinejad To Win Today?

The Sleep Time and Rise : Iranian Elections-Do Some Neo-Cons Want Ahmadinejad To Win Today?

Photo from Newscom/Sipa Press
Imagine if Lex Luthor secretly wanted Superman to be okay. Or that Red Sox fans wanted the Yankees to win just so that the American League can have bragging rights. Or that Bill O’Liely wanted Keith to continue to making him look like the liar he is each night.

You get all the analogies right now, because all three happening are totally unfathomable. And from pure common sense, you would think the same about American neo-conservatives (and some right wing extremists in Israel) wanting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to win today in Tehran and throughout.

Unfathomable right? Well……….

They actually want Ahmadinejad to win it seems . Yup, you read right, they actually do.

Now for some readers, this may not come as a surprise at all. But the others including myself, when driving into the last days of the now neck and neck race between the controversial president and his fierce challenger reformist Hossein Mousavi, it is at first totally unexpected to see the people calling this man “a great Satan” over the years cheering for him as his political life is on the line.

M.J. Rosenberg’s post over at TPMCafe noticed this very unreported trend:
But, as I noted earlier, there is some evidence that the neocons are worried. They want Ahmadinejad in there because without him the Iran nuclear threat could fade and they would lose their justification for bombing Iran. In Yedioth Achronoth today (that is Israel’s #1 circulation newspaper) Soli Shahvar director of the Ezri Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Haifa)writes that “Mousavi is bad for Israel” and that Israelis need to hope that Ahmadinejad wins. His reasoning: Mousavi’s moderation will weaken western resolve to confront Iran.

Then Rosenberg notes the New Republic’s owner not even worried about the man he has slammed repeatedly, and one of the more ultimate nuts unbelievably passive views on Iran .
The New Republic’s proprietor, Martin Peretz, is already writing that Ahmadinejad doesn’t matter anyway. He’s obviously scared that the crazed Holocaust denier will disappear.

Daniel Pipes, on the far right edge of neocondom, flatout says “I would vote for Ahmadinejad,” so reports Daniel Luban in Inter Press Service (IPS).

And Rosenberg highlights an even more concerning piece. Some Congressional figures want to give Ahmadinejad a boost here if the election goes into a run off
But Ahmadinejad has helpers in unexpected places: The US Congress. The Democratic House Leadership has put on the suspension calendar – meaning fast tracking a vote deemed to be uncontroversial – H.R. 1327, the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act of 2009.
H.R. 1327, among other things, authorizes State and local governments to divest from Iran. As of now, at least ten States have enacted Iran divestment legislation, but most legal experts agree that without federal authorization such measures violate the Constitution.
Supported by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, proponents of the bill argue that additional sanctions on Iran increases US leverage over Iran. The bill has been portrayed as a measure to enhance President Obama’s diplomatic strategy.

Obama, however, doesn’t seem to agree – even though he himself sponsored a similar bill when he served in the Senate. Secretary of State Clinton told lawmakers earlier in May that “Until we have tested, within the time period set forth by the president, where we think this engagement is going, I am not sure that adding new unilateral sanctions is really that helpful.”

When AIPAC pushed hard for another sanctions legislation this spring, the White House pushed back hard. The White House prevailed, but the showdown revealed that the window for US-Iran diplomacy may not only get closed by the ticking nuclear clock, but also by pressure from Congress for new sanctions.

Wow, all I can say is wow. But then again, it isn’t really a surprise. We all are cognizant of AIPAC’s shady ways, and that will always continue I fear, overshadowing the good, pure folks at J-Street and throughout the country.

And it should all makes sense to those still in disbelief for them cheering for their enemy. Rosenebrg puts it perfectly
But one thing that becomes clear as the neocons pray for an Ahmadinejad victory: there is no limit to what these people will support or endorse in order to achieve their goal of a civilizational war with Muslims, absolutely nothing. Don’t think they are motivated by love of Israel (which is obviously better off with Ahmadinejad gone). They are motivated solely by hatred of Muslims. (See this hate piece by fringe neocon columnist Debbie Schlussel who says that even though the Holocaust museum killer is a white supremacist, the attack was the fault of the Muslims).

If they truly loved Israel, then they wouldn’t say stupid things like wanting Ahamdinejad to win or not saying it means anything if he isn’t in power anymore. It means a lot for the united States, Israel, and most importantly, because it is their election, Iran.

Update:It is morning currently in Iraq, and the tension is obviously deep at the moment. Josh has updated how nervous the incumbent is at this point:
But in his final television appearance, which I think was Wednesday, Presidnet Ahmadinejad accused his presidential rivals of conspiring with the Israelis to falsify graphs and documents to discredit him (presumably on his management of the economy).
Here’s Tevin. May tomorrow bring a better you, and a better me.